L’expérience sociale du train

Voyager en train est une expérience sociale.. Surtout en période de troubles financiers.. Déjà tout le monde a soudainement une opinion sur l’Euro/Suisse et tout le monde connaît quelqu’un qui connaît quelqu’un qui SAIT ce qui va se passer..

Et puis là, tout d’un coup à côté de moi un type commence à parler de la bourse indienne… (Qui a explosé 10x plus que le SMI qui se casse la gueule), le monsieur en question explique à la dame qui est à côté de lui, qu’il a investi sur la bourse indienne et que depuis il a fait ONZE FOIS LA MISE …

La dame le regarde avec admiration, il ajoute : “bah, c’est facile, faut JUSTE OSER ACHETER..” … À ce moment la dame le trouve très brillant – encore un génie de la finance !! – comme il voit qu’on l’écoute, il rajoute; “oui et puis en plus depuis la dernière fois où j’ai racheté, j’ai encore doublé la mise ( x 11 multiplié par 2 = 22 fois la mise, alors ou bien ???).. La dame ose : et là, vous vendez ???

Gros regard du monsieur, regard qui dit “mais ma pauvre fille, t’as rien compris à la finance…” – mais il se ravise et dit “non, je vendrai encore plus haut”…

Quelle chance j’ai eue, je suis encore tombé sur un gars qui “sait”, qui achète au plus bas (voir en dessous) et qui vend au plus haut de tous les temps…

Je ne sais pas, ça doit être mon esprit contrariant, mais j’ai très envie de shorter l’Inde… Ai pas osé demandé à l’expert d’à côté qui m’aurait probablement expliqué que je suis idiot, puisque moi je ne sais pas…

Enfin bref, si tout ceux qui gagnent en bourse à tous les coups et qui bombent le torse en public se mettaient ensemble, la dette américaine se résorberait en 2 jours…

Ça me rappelle un idiot de manager que j’ai eu dans Banque qui avait toujours acheté avant, plus bas, vendu plus haut.. Un type qui était probablement short euro-suisse la semaine passée …. C’est quand même fou comme dans ce milieu (la finance), le besoin de raconter comment on est fort et mon papa il a un tank et il écrase la voiture a ton papa à toi !!!

Bon, vais acheter du Sensex.. Bonne soirée

Lights That Changed Advertising

The neon sign is an evolution of the earlier Geissler tube, which is an electrified glass tube containing a “rarefied” gas (the gas pressure in the tube is well below atmospheric pressure). When a voltage is applied to electrodes inserted through the glass, an electrical glow discharge results. Geissler tubes were quite popular in the late 1800s, and the different colors they emitted were characteristics of the gases within. They were, however, unsuitable for general lighting; the pressure of the gas inside typically declined in use. The direct predecessor of neon tube lighting was the Moore tube, which used nitrogen or carbon dioxide as the luminous gas and a patented mechanism for maintaining pressure; Moore tubes were sold for commercial lighting for a number of years in the early 1900s. Read more

Meaning Behind Modern Day Tattoos

The Oxford English Dictionary gives the etymology of tattoo as, “In 18th c. tattaow, tattow. From Polynesian tatau. In Tahitian, tatu.” The word tatau was introduced as a loan word into English; its spelling was changed over time from the “tattow” seen in late 18th century writing to the modern “tattoo” and its pronunciation was changed to conform to English phonology. Read more

If Hip Hop Should Die Before I Wake

I’ll put an extended clip and body ‘em all day. Hip hop (stylized as Hip-Hop) is a broad conglomerate of artistic forms that originated within a marginalized subculture in the South Bronx and quickly spread through other parts of New York City such as Harlem among African American and other Black youth mostly from the Caribbean during the 1970s. It is characterized by four distinct elements, all of which represent the different manifestations of the culture: rap music (oral), turntablism or “DJing” (aural), breaking (physical) and graffiti art (visual). Read more

Street Fashion And Urban Subcultures

Prior to the 20th century, the African American population was primarily rural. The Great Migration of African-Americans created the first large, urban black communities in the American North. It is conservatively estimated that 400,000 left the South during the two-year period of 1916-1918 to take advantage of a labor shortage created in the wake of the First World War. The 20th century cultures of many of the United States’ modern cities were forged in this period. Read more

Everything About Café Racers

The café racer is a light and lightly powered motorcycle that has been modified for speed and handling rather than comfort. The bodywork and control layout of a café racer typically mimicked the style of a contemporary Grand Prix roadracer, featuring an elongated fuel tank, often with dents to allow the rider’s knees to grip the tank, low slung racing handlebars, and a single-person, elongated, humped seat. Read more

Gallery Post

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History Of Erotic Art And Other Taboos

Tattoo enthusiasts may refer to tattoos as “ink”, “pieces”, “skin art”, “tattoo art”, “tats”, or “work”; to the creators as “tattoo artists”, “tattooers”, or “tattooists”; and to places where they work as “tattoo shops”, “tattoo studios”, or “tattoo parlors”.

Usage of the terms “skin art”, “tattoo art”, “pieces”, and “work” is gaining greater support,[citation needed] with mainstream art galleries holding exhibitions of both conventional and custom tattoo designs, challenging the stereotypical view of tattoos and who has them. Copyrighted tattoo designs that are mass-produced and sent to tattoo artists are known as “flash”, a notable instance of industrial design. Flash sheets are prominently displayed in many tattoo parlors for the purpose of providing both inspiration and ready-made tattoo images to customers. Read more

Business Casual Corporate Culture

The beginning in Europe of continual and increasingly rapid change in clothing styles can be fairly reliably dated. Historians, including James Laver and Fernand Braudel, date the start of Western fashion in clothing to the middle of the 14th century.  The most dramatic early change in fashion was a sudden drastic shortening and tightening of the male over-garment from calf-length to barely covering the buttocks, sometimes accompanied with stuffing in the chest to make it look bigger. This created the distinctive Western outline of a tailored top worn over leggings or trousers. Read more